Transformatec® is an intense immersion program in enterprise transformation for visionary leaders of organizations seeking to restructure, innovate and evolve. It combines rich theory with high quality practical application focused on the real challenges facing the participating organizations. Work is guided by a systemic approach appropriate to manage the complete transformation cycle and deal with high complexity by means of integrated consideration of aspects related to performance, design, products, processes and projects. There is thoughtful consideration of governance aspects in terms of synchronizing the program experience with the day-to-day activities of the organization. For this reason, the program involves the installation or adaptation of the minimum infrastructure of a Transformation Office in the participating organizations by means of the PENSO® platform. Therefore, Transformatec® creates adequate environment for leaders to update their theoretical knowledge and strategically discuss, evaluate and define the transformation of their organizations, as well as the means to execute, monitor and control this transformation.

Systems Engineering

Engeflux collaborates with Project Performance International (PPI) to offer a five-day immersion course in Systems Engineering. The course is based on systems thinking, here applied to projects, engineering and enterprises, with a focus on large and complex infrastructure challenges. Systems engineering as a discipline has been proven to substantially reduce costs, reduce project durations and increase client satisfaction. More details and registration procedures are available at:

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